“After my knee surgery, I came to Harmony for therapy. I had a great experience! Everyone is friendly here and I feel great going home. I highly recommend Harmony and will come back any time.”

- Alya Sayyad,


“I would like to commend the facility on the cleanliness. I would also like to thank the staff on all the assistance they provided. I would especially like to recognize Julie Garces, Deb and Letty (Nurse); they made my stay more comfortable and pleasant. Again, my many thanks to the staff for all their help during my stay.”

- Antoinette Mansour,


“Thank you to all the wonderful people who are a part of the staff at harmony Healthcare. Everyone treated me with respect and kindness. I learned to deal with my injury and gained strength during my therapy sessions. The staff was friendly, efficient and comforting. My appreciation is heartfelt and continuing.”

- Barbara Ott,


“Harmony is one of the first nursing homes I stayed in that staff worked together efficiently for my care. Everyone was A-OK, from the cleaning, nursing, therapy, etc. It didn't take long for me to feel grateful to be in the right place for my recovery. Everyone was pleasant, helpful and smiling, and genuinely caring and helpful in every way. I feel very blessed that I was able to be in harmony at Harmony.”

- Catherine Antonopoulos,


“Everyone was warm and nurturing and created a concerned environment and an encouraging atmosphere in which to begin recovering from open heart surgery.”

- Debbie Wood,


“Having spent most of my time between August 30 and November 17 at Harmony, I can say with certainty that this is an excellently administered center. Well trained staff from the cleaning people to nurses. I give Harmony an A+.”

- Diane Prestipino,


“My husband and I both received very good therapy. The nurses are very pleasant and kind.”

- Dorthy Farland,

Current Harmony Resident

“Harmony treated me real well. Friendly people and staff.”

- Lawrence Shea,


“I would recommend Harmony, especially for Therapy.”

- Marie Ziegler,


“The nurses, aides and workers are polite and hard working. All of these people are sweet, friendly and loving! The exercise-Classes really build you up fast.”

- Mary A. Pontarelli,


“I really enjoyed my stay at Harmony. Not only was the staff professional, but also warm and friendly. The nurses were concerned and compassionate and so were the CNAs. The cleaning staff keep this place spotless and sanitary. The supporting staff, social services, physical therapy, wound care all took very special care of me, and I will definitely be glad to stay there again.”

- Mary Gibson,


“I was nervous and anxious about my first time entering a rehab facility. I have been surprised by the level of service provided to me. I have to say the staff and all the employees were always friendly and helpful. The quality of care was excellent and the therapists were professional and caring. I especially noticed how clean the facility was. Always felt that my level of comfort was easily obtained because I was surrounded by caring individuals.”

- Mary Haley,


“I think of everyone as good friends, because of how they treated me. Didn't know I was capable of doing what I've done now. Don't think I could've been taken care of better elsewhere.”

- Neesan Ezdo,


“Excellent PT (physical therapy) and OT (occupational therapy). [The therapists] kept [my] family informed [and were] courteous and understanding [of] our needs. Wonderful nursing and CNA's -- very informative and courteous to all family members and visitors.”

- Paul W. Smith,


“My stay at harmony has been exceptional and [the] staff is friendly. May God continue to bless you with caring sensitive employees with such gracious and generous a spirit as I've seen anywhere.”

- Richard McClendon,


“You were made to feel at home. You feel at ease, it was homey. Everyone looked like they were trying to work together. I was impressed with the housekeeping ladies, they work hard. Therapy people were very good. Very professional. Very professional and very serious about the job. The girls at the front desk were very warm and friendly, then there is Vicky very warm, professional and helpful. Very good heart. Ramon (CNA) was very good. Everybody was concerned about your needs and feelings.”

- Richard Sakre,


“This was a good Experience from the moment my mother in law was accepted at Harmony. Great Attention from all the working staff and the therapists too. Nice and clean place extremely friendly.”

- Rosario Ortiz,


“The staff try their very best here! The management is up to par and responsive when I need something.”

- Virgina Griessmeyer,

Current Harmony Resident

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